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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 31, 2017 2:05am-2:32am EDT

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test. live from the cbs philadelp cbs "eyewitness news" at 11s wh random attacks leaves a man shot dead in haverford neighbors are on alert as the gunman remains on loose. i'm natasha brown, thankso joining us, police believe shootings are the same suspect. the manhunt continues, henry
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ross isve with the latest on this investigation. henry? >> reporter: john lee was leaving eagles pizza and heading down the road when hwa and killed. news that this shooting linked to another in philp random has neighbors on edge toghpop, a po pop >> it was very quick. over here at the chinese restaurant >> and all of a sudden, i heard >> police quickly seal off the road saturday and scour local businesses for surveillance video. who just g bievey come up with images of a he's the suspect. another crime >> a lot of people say they saw a personh on. >> reporter: neighbors say 45 minutes before the haverford homicide, the same man shot at
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two people sitnging th of them g their door and rear window. then he sped volvo. >> i was in my bedroom front i and heard about 15 shots. pop, pole are investigating the two shootings, three miles apart as randoms. and that has neighbors nervous. >> that's scary t very scary. i'm 53 years old and i don't t throughout the city, sick of it and something needs to be dabshootings, becau it affects everyone >> it's unfortunate butdw do you just stop doing what you do because lunatic out there? repter: when i touched be with the lee family, they were stif you do recognize the guy i the surveillance images, do not appr,considered armed and dange go ahead and call the cops, tha.
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also developing tonight, parts of the atlantic city rail phadelphia to cherry hill new jersey will be closed for repairs for the next few s.fridl bridge in pennsauken causingsii tracks. a substitute bus service will operate until the repai ad. a young boy is recovering in the hospital tonight after a car n upper marian montgomery county. a family member tells us the 13-year-old boy worng on a car with his grandfather when the car came off thelanded on t was transported to chop,be ok. the atlantic city coast guard meantime is searching f r missing off point pleasant beach early this morning, a woman went missing around 2:27 a.m. while friend. the coast guard says both the woman and her friendin the roug
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motor life boat crew and an arc for the woman. so far, she has not been found. the national weis now warni the jersey shore aboutthey coul life-threatening. they're urging beach goers t gu concerns they may have and to follow swimming flags signs, the warning will be in effect and may be well. fans from all over the philadelphia area lincoln financial field to watch the first open practice of the football season and as oh finds out, the football spirit is alive awell. >> reporter: after pushing back open practice weather, the philadelphia eagles welcomed players and fans tosuyn sunday. >> i want to get autographsprac.
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>> we lived here our lives, plenty of games been to the the linc. i'm excited to be here.gles. >> reporter: some lifelong friends are passing on the love generation >> not even one year old he's >> greg said this is just the beginning bringing his son >> i love the team everything they stand for it's a hard culrn the fan >> at the linc was also military appreciation day. that's a field former linebacker for the eagles is familiar with >> all i got running through my veins is green blood >> he hopes carson wentz will deliver in>> he got a lot of we around him. somebody believe the franchise quarterback that we hope that he is. >> those fansl team win or lose.
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>>dent pleasd strong you can do it. >> reporter: at lincoln financial fi a cbs3 "eyewitness news." new jersey governor chris christie was captured on camera you? ame in milwaukee today. what's he saying >> >> christie was at the game between the milwaukee brewers d s son works for the brewers, the started wherthere, a cubs fan yelled at christie as he was walking byol him that he sucked. i called him a hypocrite i said. and he then turned around and walked all the way back towards , for what seemed like a long time. >> a reporter for a milwaukee tv incident on his cell phone.cub's
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that's how we're seeing it.he governor had had a baseball gam. meantime for commuters who w york's penn station, disabledai regularly cause delays that can cause a r up and down the east coast. technicians say they'reer a mas process on aging electrical system is completed becau o pro even during off peak disabled train will cause a minimum delay of at least 45 despite spending time at his golf isn't ready to let go of the healthcare fight just yet. he tweeted don't giveupsenators
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is watching, repeal and replace and go to 51 thrtened to end fel payments to insurers to assist those wthe these republican sen who voted against the healthcare bill said mistake. >> certainty about whether that month-to-month is clearly destabilization of the insurance market. >> heae issues that general john kelly will inherit when he b tomorrow white house chief of staff. vladimir putin said u.s. diplomatic mission staff in russia 755 people. an penalty retaliation for u.s. sanctions announced lasr measur president obama last year >> long time for things to perhaps change for the better. we had sld change. but judging by the situation,
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that wi >> last year, president obama compounds in eizure of two the u.s. and expelled 35 russian diplomats, now the u.s. flexed its military muscle reacting to ballistic missile friday. the missile had the range to ch new york. correspond daniel nottingham reports. >> reporter: the united states blew two super sonic b one bombers over the peninsula today. a direct response to north korea's most advanced missile test to date. overnight. the u.s. demonstrated its ability to intercept ballistic missile, michael jen vee is president. >> the small little steps a fly
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over, joint military activities, all those are designed to let the adversary, maybe the opponent know we're ready >> north korea reacted on state run television saying if the u.s. quote continues to resort to military venture and tough sanctions the dprk will respond with the act of justice. the white house is pressing the global community to act. president trump tweeted i'm disappointed in china, they do nothing for us with north korea. >> united states calling on china other countries saying this isn't just our problem. >> it's true we need international support but you also need american leadership. if we don't lead this doesn't get solved >> north korea sole ally china say they violate u.n. security resolutions but said the country does not hold the key to resolving the issues in the korean peninsula. >> stay with us, still ahead
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tonight, flames interrupt a musical celebration in spain. we're going to take a closer look at the damaging fire that overtook the stage forcing thousands to evacuate. this music festival this weekend. plus. ♪ >> texas boy with down syndrome is charming people all over the world after video of him singing to when it knee houston goes viral. what the family members are saying about the amazing little boy. a bright and sunny start to the work week, how long will the great weather stick around? full forecast is coming up. also coming up. cameras for the homeless,
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♪ . ♪ .
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welcome back, intense flame interrupt add massive music festival in barcelona spain. more than 22,000 fans were evacuated from the tomorrow land festival when the fire began on nobody was injured as theya. fd the fire was caused by a technical malfunction of some sort. frightening moments as a began devoe la germany leaving more than a 130 people in air. they used rescue people trapped in the cars, including young children. the passengers were lowered ton waiting ropes, emergency services pe sengers t. a video of a texas boy singin absolutely favorite whitney houston song gone viral with more thanmilln . here's why.
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began >> hehitney houston's if i don't have you. the shower the car maybe,-old w facebook went wild. he said whitney ihim.s >> he did just watch a documentary on her about a month ago and so headin some of her s and that was the one he jus g. >> dane was born with down syndrome. the video was recorded monday a the car. the video is now almost as popular as houston version, the family said they started a youtube channel for days. we love it. rides in the ohio state fair's midway reopened as normal sunday after a deadly mishap killed one man and injured seven
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others last week despite assurances from fair officials safe. the tragedy kept many customers from last year. the fire ball threeir killing 18-year-old high school student seven others. a festival houses is attracting people looking for alternatives. the tiny near colorado displays 25 tiny ho at less space is more e option for >> it's definitely bigger than thought it would be. >> sustainable housing for denver because the prices are outrageous >> a considered tiny if it has less than 400 square feet
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space. 25icyclists rode across the ben franklin bridge. iteg and walnut and ended in atlantic city. the event $1 million this year to support fmilies of responders in the greater philadelphia and south jersey still under a state of emergency after many a left dealing with flooded areas. national guard was calledmarian residents early sunday morning, more than 30 rescued from the flood waters. clean-up efforts have begun as residents and officials try to put the town back together. clearly we've had a beautiful day. nothing to complain about here. >> i know nothing at all. literally and i'll tell you why. take a look right now.
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a live looking in fact, at rehoboth beach. and there's people out there walking the boards, i saw beach volleyball players out there earlier. it is a spectacular evening in the delaware beaches down the shore. in the poconos. across the entire delaware and lehigh valleys. things are looking fantastic tonight. on stormscan 3, here's why. high pressure is in control. we have mostly cloudy skies. dealing with a clear scan, things looking good. for today, the official high temperature was 83 degrees. the average high 87. we were a little bit below average today but i didn't hear anybody complaining it was a top ten day, we had sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity and a light breeze out of the north, that light breeze helped to pull in some of that lower due point air. temperatures right now are checking in in the 60's. 60 degrees in millville, 62 down the shore in wildwood. 64 in atlantic city. 63 in pemberton, right around 66
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currently in cherry hill and the city. 71. we have 67 in palmyra, 67 in trenton and right around 65 degrees at this hour in mt. laurel. allentown at 65. the cool spot on the map is mount pocono. around 56, due points in the mid 50's. due points tells you a lot about the weather, how comfortable it will be feeling, a really comfortable night setting up with due points in the 50's, we have lots of dry air across really much of the east coast down into the carolinas and into georgia and then across the midatlantic on up to the northeast, things are feeling fantastic, and they will continue to do so as we start out the work week. but due points will be on the increase slowly but surely each and every day. monday still feeling very pleasant out there. by tuesday, not bad. then we'll see due points creeping up into the mid upper 60's later on towards the middle and end of the week, we're going to crank up the steam factor and possibly be feeling a little bit
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more on to the oppressive side as we head to the end of the week. high pressure continues to build in. as we start out monday, plenty of sunshine. possibly a couple of clouds here and there, at least a bit more in the way of cloud cover compared to today's spectacular wall-to-wall blue skies, but still a ton of sunshine, i will have a dry day on tap, a dry afternoon, mostly cloudy skies as we head to overnight hours on monday into tuesday and tuesday starting out with sunshine once again as well. down the shore, here's what you can expect. 78, mostly sunny skies, we do have the moderate risk of rip currents as we head to guarded great beach day tuesday, 82. 84 plenty of sunshine. here's your forecast. 64 clear and cool, let in the fresh air it will feel comfortabl warmer as we head to tomorrow with a high ofnewsweather seven-day forecast, 90 degrees
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on tuesday. although humidity is stillck on. so 90 is going to feel like 90. we're cranking up the hiddle of week, high of 91, upper 80's by the end of thewe bring back the storms. >>actually. thank you so much, chelsea. lesley. it was certainly nice to see the folks at the linc >> people were out in force to see the eagles, you're not gobble who now has one of the best records in baseball. your fightins phils and we'll show you a
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. bases loaded up for freddy galvis and freddy with the third hit, a single to right that will drive in andrew nap, phillies win the fourth straight, the fightins are nine and five since the all star break. more on eagles training camp plus they're on a roll right
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now, did they get enough in the neshek, hellickson and kendricks trade >> stay with us, still ahead for "eyewitness news" for every click, a life can change, that's what kept a south carolina pastor during a life saving project in his town >> there's over 600 people homeless or living on the street or affected in some way, there's a wide variety of people that we have access to >> hundreds of photos of the homeless are ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us.
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endorsed by aarp. and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. . a passion project for a photography in south carolina snow balled into quite the movement. last year, photography and pastor started passing out 100 disposable cameras to the homeless and over the past year, more than 800 were taken and now
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all on display. 20 finalists have been selected and the public can vote on their favorite pictures by donating spare change >> we've seen tears, people laugh, people confront something they didn't know as big of a deal as it really is >> williams son said this took him on a positive journey. it became awareness


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